10.  If you think Affleck is going to blow the sequel to MAN OF STEEL, you're under the unfortunate delusion that MAN OF STEEL was good.

9.  If you think that because Affleck is slowly morphing into a George Clooney (which is true and seen in ARGO) and -- therefore -- another Clooney-ish Batman would suck, you're under the sad delusion that the rest of Clooney's BATMAN AND ROBIN was otherwise good.   It was horrific.  Clooney was the best thing on top of that craptacular train wreck.

8.  America is silently abiding a transition into a police state but Affleck turning into Batman warrants an online petition?


7.  You don't really think someone like Bradley Cooper would make that much of an acting difference for Batman, do you?  This ain't King Lear.

6.  I feel that the only people that care about this will go to the film anyway.  That a can of Trader Joe's Organic Beans could be cast as Batman and the tribe would line up at Comic-Con to whine and dine.

5.  All three Nolan films were love/hate affairs.  That's right:  all three.

4.  The Michael Keaton era films aren't really worth seeing again.

3.  In under ten years the same will be said of the Nolan films.

2.  I can't believe I wasted the time it took to write this list.  Why?

1.  Take it away, Bill Murray --

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