The Huffington Post posted a link listing over 50 fun facts about some popular Hollywood movies.  This fact jumped out --
I never knew as much.  But I had my suspicions.  Back when I used to regularly attend summer blockbusters, was I the only one to notice the BE ALL YOU CAN BE ads?   Before every movie?  Am I the only person aware of how much more militaristic summer films have become since the release of TOP GUN?

It's perfect, right?  The very demographic that could be enlisted (young, poor job market, free time, impossible college loans) have these films aimed directly at them.  These Cherry Coked fidgety bored types are shown squadrons of bad-ass types and are literally programmed to ask themselves if they have what it takes to be one of the few... the proud. 

If you think I'm reading too much into this, ask yourself why oh why J.J. Abrams wrote a be all you can be lecture into the opening of his first STAR TREK feature?  Oh, forgive me, it's I dare you to do better.  Listen to Pike drop the 'E' word --
Enlist!  He says it at least twice.  And is Starfleet really a humanitarian armada?  Last time I checked, they didn't refer to themselves that way.  I know it's part of what they do in the macho movies, but they are supposed to be explorers too.

Being in the military isn't about exploring, right?  If the movies are to recruit for the military then the pitch must be perfect.

During this last year I experienced three pop culture films.  DARK KNIGHT RISES, MAN OF STEEL, and the second TREK feature.  All three position military and/or police personnel as 'humanitarian armadas'.  

Batman must win over the police to understand his style of vigilantism is something to both tolerate and emulate, Superman must convince the military his amazing destructive force is perfectly acceptable because he's as honorable as they are, and Kirk must harness the galactic might of Starfleet itself to obliterate an enemy instead of... explore strange new worlds.

As a writer I could feel this element shoved into each film... in exchange for what?  A big chunk of discreet financing from the military itself is my best bet.

It's therefore only a matter of time before THE FLYING NUN is brought back as a female TOP GUN.

Wouldn't that be bad ass?

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