Unless you're from Hawaii you've probably never heard of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.  I'm not from Hawaii but I do keep an eye on the news and Democratic Party hopefuls.  The first time I saw Tulsi talking on MSNBC  it took only minutes to conclude she will be America's first female President.

Sure, if it was just a beauty contest, you'd readily agree with me.  But is she a beauty queen or does she have the right stuff?  She was the youngest woman in the United States to be elected to a state legislature and has served twice in the Middle East.  So if you mess with Tulsi she'll deck you.

I've been listening to Tulsi address controversial issues and I love that she's a courageous representative of our civil rights.  While Barack Obama has tried to make Snowden a bad guy and the NSA good guys, Tulsi has chosen the truth --
“As more and more is revealed about the NSA’s sweeping surveillance practices, we are just scratching the surface of the full scope of blatant violations of personal privacy and freedoms. The news today uncovering even more abuse and overreach is extremely troubling.  It also raises more questions about how extensive and invasive these programs truly are. The American people deserve to know more about the extent of the NSA’s intrusions on our civil liberties.”
It doesn't matter who the whistle-blower is or how he blew the whistle.  All that matters is if any of his accusations are true. 

Hawaii should be proud of how they are being represented.  It sets a good example of what national leadership should be.

Thank you, Tulsi Gabbard

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