I'm old enough to remember when computers didn't have a mouse.  When the computer section of The Harvard Coop had a few IBM machines strewn about, complete mysteries to anyone but serious math geeks and IBM employees.  The small department was typically empty.  Until one day in 1984, at one table, the rest of us got our first look at... a Macintosh.
Thanks to the Android Generation it is fashionable to bash Steve Jobs.  Heck, he didn't even invent this machine as much as copy a prototype Xerox created but what clueless how to market, they say.  True.  But also:  hogwash. 

Steve Jobs changed your life, like it or not.

Unless you don't listen to digital music, carry a smartphone, use a tablet, or enjoy an elegant operating system, Steve Jobs is with you.  Right now.  I don't care if he wasn't the greatest guy in the world.  Who really is?

What I care about is that he gave me the exact tools I needed when I needed them.  Here are some of my faves -- 
This post is being composed on the item bottom right.  So on this second anniversary of Steve's passing, I say thanks to Steve Jobs.  For being crazy enough to change the world.  And now some words from Mr. Jobs himself --

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