Last October we shot our first short film iSpy --
-- and ever since I've been busier than busy.  Promoting the film, tying up loose ends, finding a poster for the piece, adding 'iSpy' to the IMDB --
One thing that got back-burnered were the production stills.  We had a little trouble getting them back when I had a free time, and once I got'em I was out of time doing the above. 
There were a lot of production stills.  A lot.  Taken artfully by our production designer Jasmin Deva Torner.  I'll break these into groups and sneak a comment in here or there.  (Awaiting confirmation on certain crew member names.)

Setting up --
My first time on a set, I couldn't believe the number of professionals around me.  A stranger would have believed this crew had been working side by side for years.  And so while this was going on outside, inside the house --
Actors Brian and newbie Will Bradley Cosko getting into place and the arrival of the Exec Producer --
Actors Olivia, Tatsumi, and Remington getting into places --
And here's the remainder of the day and shoot --
My sincere thanks to all involved for a job very well done.

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