In the summer of 2013 it wasn't cool to question the NSA surveillance of the world.  We were brainwashed by the military industrial cineplex to presume Edward Snowden was an evil psychotic terrorist dude --
Our little production 'iSpy' was released in December of 2013.  Miraculously Edward Snowden was still very much in the headlines, but still there was still this very definite 'hot potato' feeling around Snowden.   An uneasiness to associate yourself with the disturbing realities he's ushered into our awareness.  Many to this day feel more comfortable simply shooting the messenger than taking a stand for their own personal freedoms.  After all -- we're being watched.

The problem is that cyberprivacy is an issue we must face as a people.  As adult people.  Not passive sheeple.  We can't let others take care of this for us.  We must do something

So kudos to the producers and cast of my favorite sitcom MODERN FAMILY for doing something.  What did they do?  They mainstreamed this topic.  After all it was MODERN FAMILY that mainstreamed the reality of gay marriage on television and so it's not a reach to suggest they feel passionately about this subject of privacy as well.

Here's the fun part.  Their episode was also called 'iSpy'.

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