During my teen years composer John Williams was releasing one amazing movie score after another.  These included the now classic themes to JAWS, STAR WARS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARC, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, E.T., and my favorite from soundtrack from this era:  SUPERMAN.

During these same formative years someone/something named MECO began releasing disco versions of some of these John Williams themes.   Back then I liked my burgers without cheese, but I had no problem adding these cheesy songs to my record collection.  Every teen loves'em a little junk food.

MECO's first release (pictured on left) was huge.  Back then, when you left a movie, it was 'gone' from your life.  No tapes, no DVDs, no streaming.  Later movies would be broadcast on television, but only once in a while at first.   And so if you missed STAR WARS on TV, you missed it. 

The only way to re-experience a favorite film was to either see it again, purchase a book/novelization, make room on your walls for a poster, give the soundtrack a spin, and sometimes...  buy the MECO dance record inspired by said movie.

Now that I'm older and allegedly wiser I'm not sure I understand the legality of all this.  How did Meco Menardo (MECO) get away with this?  MECO minus the scores of John Williams would have been BROKE-O.  You'll note the album cover (above) isn't actually based upon STAR WARS... but more an homage to the FLASH GORDON serials of yesteryear.

My more cynical self wonders if these recordings were some top secret marketing ploys.  Or if Meco knew most people in the business were too stoned or coked up to care.  Otherwise, I simply can't explain how MECO had the gall to profit off these recordings without securing their rights.  Why you can't even listen to the MECO version of STAR WARS right now on YouTube in 2013 -- a measly 36 years after the release of that song.

In time MECO wasn't satisfied with making Sci-Fi films of that age danceable.  No, that would show a modicum of mercy.  Meco Menardo's warped vision started going backwards.   In a moment of musical madness MECO put THE WIZARD OF OZ score to a disco beat.  I had to have it.  Not only because I loved OZ but because... well...  FAIL ARMY didn't exist yet.
Why waterboard anybody when you can simply make them listen to this  --
The last MECO recording I purchased thankfully wasn't as cheesy.  It was a Hooray for Hollywood thing.  TCM themes set to disco.  This promptly fell off the face of the Earth upon release, sure, but some kind/unkind soul has posted these --
Enjoy?  Yeah, why not.  The spirit behind all of Meco's music is sweet, after all, and I'm just a sucker for sweet.

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