My first super short film will likely be shot at a swimming pool somewhere in Pasadena.  I had planned on the pool area by my condos, but there are reasons to avoid this pool.  No, we clean the water all nice and such, but the pool is shared by 80 or so units.  And so to film in said location would require permission, which is doable, but not desirable.  Since the price is right it's hard for a newbie producer not to simply say YES and make it work.

It would look a little something like this --
I'm no DP and my talented teen actors haven't filled up those chairs yet, but you get the drift.  Auditioning one of my actresses I let slip that I'd really like to find someone who might know someone with a nice pool at a quiet house. 

Turns out she did.  Right in the same town.  And my oh my -- what an upgrade!  (Click READ MORE below)
One my teen actors said it looks like Shangri La.   Who am I to argue with one of my actors?

Time to get excited.

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