I was reading an article about corporate logos and got jealous.  At the top of my site and my business cards I have my homemade SPH logo, but it's not adorable and cute and cuddly like many logos are today.

When I worked at the Cape Cinema in my teens I was promoted from Usher to Concession stand dude a year or two later.  Yes, I was that good.

Since I worked in a summer, many patrons had just spent the day at the beach.   Wage workers like myself weren't any different, and so I'd be coming straight from the beach too.  Starving

I must confess that most nights my dinner consisted of a big bucket of popcorn, a candy bar, and soda.  Which diabetes type that is eludes me at the moment.

Still I'm very impressed to be alive and well these decades later to make this concession confession.  And so why not create a logo or icon that somehow captures the Cape Cod sun in a kernel of popcorn.  As they say in fashion:  it pops.

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