When the Edward Snowden whistleblowing story broke, I really didn't know what to think.  On one hand I saw an individual sharing information that -- if true -- every American needed to know, and on the other hand I heard my government doth protesting too much by labeling one of their own as a 'terrorist'.

During the W Years I had an easy way to ascertain the truth.  Whatever Dick Cheney said:  the opposite was true.  Every time.  Were we using chemical weapons on the Iraqis?  Cheney said nope.  The truth was we were.  We were using chemical weapons on innocent civilians... to protect them from... their leader who used chemical weapons on them.

During the Obama years we haven't had such a simple way to find the truth.  What I've concluded is that whenever Obama talks about anything but the military, he's basically saying what he means.  If it involves the military, it's Cheney time.

So when I heard our usually cordial and restrained Obama call Edward Snowden a terrorist and a traitor, I suspected the opposite was true.  That Snowden was a decent chap telling the basic truth.
Stories have been breaking for months now supporting my conclusion that Snowden was doing his job as a whistleblower, as encouraged by none other than President Obama until he decided to change his position on whistleblowing.

Just because Snowden's leaks are embarrassing for several administrations doesn't mean Snowden needs to be in exile.  Let's take this guy off the crucifix unless it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he's trouble.

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