Ever watch a TV show and during the credits they say 'Fashions for (celebrity) provided by (designer)?  There's something about that which is... well... you know --

-- kinda cool.

My first production will feature four talented teenagers.  For some of them this will be one of their first film industry breaks.  (Mine too, come to think of it.)

One actress is Olivia Brown of South Pasadena, CA.   She will play CONFUSED BABE, a girl who is bored silly by everything but her iPad, Vegas, and mirrors.

In real life, Olivia Brown isn't bored, vain, or the least bit confused.  She's actually the winner of my project's Miss Congeniality Award and has been extremely content with her pitifully small helping of lines. 

(The script is only four pages, but still, this writer/producer feels bad.)

Anyway, I hope I can help her go far. 

She deserves it.

One way I've decided to help her is by having her fashions provided by a celebrity designer.  My amazing wife has worked with many designers in Los Angeles.  My first choice designer said 'sure' and so Olivia took a trip with her mom to the famous Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles.  There the designer invited Olivia to hunt through several racks --
-- until eventually she emerged with that little purple number.  When the designer learned that was the only item Olivia needed -- she encouraged Olivia to pick out a few extra things.  Just for fun.

So fans and followers of SCREENPLAYHOUSE LLC, once this first baby-step production is complete I'll reveal which downtown Los Angeles celebrity designer provided those slammin' samples.   Where?  In the closing credits, of course.

Until then, behold our next New Media starlet:  Miss Olivia Brown.  She's as lovely and kind and generous and talented as the celebrity who designed those pretty pieces.  To me, they are birds of a feather.
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9/13/2013 03:34:00

All thanks to you, my dear.

5/26/2016 11:13:48

In real life, Olivia Brown isn't bored, vain, or the least bit confused.


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