"Dead?!?  Me?!?  DENNIS FARINA?!?  I'm not dead you fucking moronsRelax.  Sit down.  Have a cream soda.  Have a sandwich.  Drink a glass of milk.  Do some fucking thing.  But listen to me, dummy.  I'm not interested in seeing you alive again until you get this story right.  Understand?  Don't say a word to me otherwise.  Not a fucking word.  If you do, I'm going to get up and bury this fucking telephone in your head.  If you dummies in the press don't start getting more personally involved in your work -- I'm gonna jump over this desk and stab you through the heart with a fucking pencil.  Understand me?   I'm alive and well, you stupid motherfuckers.  Anyone can see me in MIDNIGHT RUN anytime they like.  I don't want to read another story like this.  Because if I do, I'm gonna blow torch you."

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