Today our first film iSpy went live on FUNNY OR DIE --
This last summer, the movie industry and the NSA strangely played the same tune:  if somoene claimed to be standing up for the rights of their people, they were actually an enemy of the military and really an evil psychotic terrorist dude.

As the short film iSpy satirizes, Edward Snowden therefore might as well have be a Bane, Zod, or Khan --
These months later, a Christmas gift to liberty has been delivered not by a white or black Santa Claus... but by a recent ruling where a federal judge labeled the doings of the NSA as Orwellian and simply unconstitutional.  Ever since the Patriot Act our American freedoms have been dismissed to 'protect' our American freedoms, but it's all coming to head right now. 

After all -- liberals wonder why their President is lockstep with Patriot Act Conservatives Types -- while -- Patriot Act Conservatives Types smell a sweet Georgia impeachment for Obama.  When two such interest groups agree on anything, change can be rather swift -- especially if you're a President about to be lynched for doing something George W started.

How swift?  Merely two days after said ruling --

WASHINGTON (AP) — A presidential advisory panel has recommended sweeping limits on the government's surveillance programs, including requiring a court to sign off on individual searches of phone records and stripping the National Security Agency of its ability to store that data from Americans.
You see how Snowden is no longer a part of the conversation?  That's because he never should have been a part of the conversation.  If the NSA had been mindful of our Constitution -- there wouldn't be an Edward Snowden to scapegoat.

The film iSpy addresses a simple yet subtle point:  the way governments turn their citizens into sheeple is by labeling people with contrary opinions terrorists. 

Why are the kids of iSpy afraid to connect with reality?   Simple.  The reality that their government has abandoned another of its founding principles to unabashedly and unapologetically spy on them -- through their favorite iDevice -- that's pretty damn scary to any kid.  Or adult really.  In fact it's a form of terrorism against the citizenry. 

You think I've gone over the top?  Tripped the light rhetorical?  Here's the Wiki on terrorism --

Terrorism is the systematic use of violence (terror) as a means of coercion for political purposes.
Maybe you're thinking, wait, what violence?  No jets have smashed into any buildings -- how can surveillance be terrorism?

Think about it.  Privacy isn't a tangible thing.  It's an idea.  A comforting idea when we believe we have privacy.  However, when a group of arrogant spooks with a massive server farm inform us our every movement and communication is being watched and archived, that's a psychological attack on what was once the comforting idea of privacy.  It's scary -- is it not?

Helpless against the NSA, citizens are terrorized into submissive behavior.  Some excuse their submissive behavior by claiming nothing is new here.  Others, like the kids, simply go back to their iDevices and tune out this depressingly corrupt world.   Who can blame any kid or adult for doing so? 

That is the political purpose of said terrorism:  citizens are coerced against their better political interests of privacy.  Coerced into letting the NSA have free reign to destroy privacy at will.

Obama may have never intended to be at the forefront of this sort of Patriot Act related change, but a change is gonna come.  I just hope that citizens which have been brainwashed by NSA propaganda -- repeated liberally by the media -- won't shoot the messenger.   Obama's website asked for whistleblowers, Snowden blew a righteous whistle.

Ever since 9/11, the U.S. Government has willfully and shamelessly trampled guaranteed rights under the Constitution.  The notion is that we Americans must give up liberty in order to preserve it, and that if we dare question this -- we just might be labeled 'evil psychotic terrorist dudes'.

Speak up, people.  Look up from your children, your jobs, your bills, and your iDevices.

There is nothing more patriotic than defending our Constitution.

Watching our first production iSpy --
-- you might not initially spot the lovely dress that was donated to our production by Whitney Port of Whitney Eve.
We dropped a hint here in the credits  --
Regrettably the viewer only gets peeks at this lovely dress during the film.  Here are some production stills revealing the one of kind production sample which Olivia Cooper can't wait to find an excuse to wear again --
SCREENPLAYHOUSE would like to again thank Whitney Port for making our little production feel so very extra special.
"I was called a terrorist yesterday... but, today, I am admired by the very people who said I was one."  Nelson Mandela
My heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this project a reality.   (See our groovy iCredits for the who's who.)
Somehow the topic of my first film (which has been in production since this summer) is headline news today --
-- the very same day iSpy is likely to be completed.