This is pretty much where Gene Roddenberry's STAR TREK and Gerry Anderson's THUNDERBIRDS meet.  Bonus points if you can name which Anderson character I needed for Uhura.

If you enjoyed this, please watch and share my short film iSpy below -- 
... where the future of privacy has been lost to the military industrial cineplex.

Last October we shot our first short film iSpy --
-- and ever since I've been busier than busy.  Promoting the film, tying up loose ends, finding a poster for the piece, adding 'iSpy' to the IMDB --
One thing that got back-burnered were the production stills.  We had a little trouble getting them back when I had a free time, and once I got'em I was out of time doing the above. 

About a year ago I came out of my MJE closet.  Probably on Facebook.  I thought I'd make my appreciation for Michael Jonas Evans a little more public.  I originally posted this it on The Daily KOS but have since pulled it from their site.  Not because this post wasn't appreciated there -- but because the politically correct police at the KOS are out of control.