Just reading a 'list' article at the Huff regarding 10 Performances to watch this fall with Academy eyes.

The list started with a nod to Matthew McCoaughey in MUD.  I stopped reading and skimmed down the list for Tye Sheridan.  As I feared, he didn't make the list.

Tye Sheridan is the reason to see MUD.  Oh, I know, the movie poster fools you into thinking you're watching a McCoaughny film.  That marketing choice will cost this

film the awards it deserves.  Just because Tye is relatively unknown doesn't mean the star of film doesn't deserve top visual billing on the poster.  It's Tye's story.  It's such a poetic story that calling it MUD only further... urm... muddies the waters.

Tye's performance is particularly realistic.  Tempered.  The boy he plays has absolutely no idea he's in a movie.  I loved River Phoenix in STAND BY ME, but you could watch him posing in that one.  Tye comes off exactly as the boy he portrays.

Matthew did a solid job with his role, but there are countless actors who could have done the same or even a little better.  Tye Sheridan?  He's currently my favorite for Best Actor.  He knocks it out of the park like Tatum O'Neal in PAPER MOON.

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